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Small Plaques and Reliefs

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FOUR SEASON PLAQUES  JWH Studio Four Season Plaques - $9.95 each or $37.95/set (4)
These beautifully detailed reliefs are my allegorical representations of the four seasons. They have wire loops in the backs for wall hanging.
3 1/2" each
Now also available in a larger format (10" diameter) for a grand presentation! Large Plaques & Statuary
FOUR SEASON PLAQUES w/bronze finish  JWH Studio Internet special close-out!
Four Season Plaques w/ bronze finish- $34.95/set (4)

Originally sold at $38.95 these Four Seasons have an antique bronze finish, and are in limited quantities. Available only as complete sets, while supplies last. [Discontinued 2003]
3 1/2" each
Winged Lion & Griffin Plaques  JWH Studio Winged Lion & Griffin Plaques - $10.95 each or $20.95 set (2)
These beautifully detailed reliefs bring you and your family good fortune and precious times. The Griffin holds the key to good fortune the Winged Lion guards the hourglass to prevent wasted time. They have wire loops in the backs for wall hanging, or will stand on a shelf.
4" each (interior plaster)
Medusa Plaque   JWH Studio Medusa Plaque (small)- $9.95
This little Gorgon is small in size but not in stature! In mythology Medusa was a terrifying Gorgon who would turn her foes into stone if they looked directly at her. It is told that she destroyed many mighty warriors before clever Perseus stole her life.
3 1/2" Now also available in a larger 10" diameter handcast in cement!
Cherub Plaque  JWH Studio Cherub Plaque - $8.95
This innocent little cherub has a playful nature, and would love to keep you company as you cruise the Internet.
3 1/2"
Gossip Monger  JWH Studio Gossip Monger - $15.95
This expressive character is a representation of the true nature of gossip. With the mask of rumor pulled back it is possible to see the demon that lurks behind one who gossips. He has a recessed hanger for wall hanging, or will stand well on a shelf.
4 1/2" (interior plaster)

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