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Jay carving the marble sculpture entitled Moonflower.
"My approach to stone carving is generally guided by a dialog with the chosen stone. This dialog is greatly influenced by the color and shape of the stone. It is rare that I work from a square edged block of marble. I often prefer the rough shape given to stone by the raw forces of nature."
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This marble carving combines my interests of the natural world of plants and animals with my fascination of machines. [SOLD]

This carving is inspired by the movement of the moon around the earth. This gray marble from Vermont has beautiful clouds of white floating through what I call the lunarscapes of Time. [SOLD]

Mother Earth
This carving is also gray Vermont marble with veins of white drifting through the carving. The sculpture represents for me the nurturing forces at work in the world around us. [SOLD]

The Phoenix at Dawn
This carving depicts the mythological bird in a quiet moment, it's head tucked into the fold of it's feathery wing. [SOLD]

The Muse
The natural gray and white veining of this marble inspired me to carve a pillar of drifting clouds supporting the Autumn moon. [SOLD]

This carving was influenced by my interests in Art Deco and flight, and has a strong architectural presence. [Price on request]

Hammer & Sickle
This carving was a commission from a local beverage distributor to enlarge a bottle of Russian vodka and carve it in Italian marble. [SOLD]

The Gossip Monger
This is one of the many designs I've made in plaster and cement over the past eighteen years. To see more of this kind of work, please visit JWH Studio Statuary. These are all original designs created by me, and are an affordable alternative to my one of a kind stone carvings.

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