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Small Gargoyles

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Warwick-JWH Studio Warwick - Griffin of Honor - $11.95
This noble little griffon stands guard with his shield of honor, ready to protect his allies with dignity and grace. This palm sized sentry is a reminder of our responsibility to others, and when combined with Chester and Sherwood, they are sure to keep dark forces at bay.
4" (interior plaster)
SHERWOOD-JWH Studio Sherwood - $10.95
This little companion has awakened from a deep and restful sleep, and is eager to keep a watchful eye out for you. Whisper his name and he will never leave your side.
3" (interior plaster)
CHESTER-JWH Studio Chester - $10.95
Ever watchful and cautious, this palm sized critter keeps his eye out for troubles ahead. Let this little guy keep you company at work or as you cruise the Internet.
2 1/2" (interior plaster)
Neptunes Guardian   JWH Studio Neptunes Guardian Fish - $10.95
This little guardian was inspired by Italian and French fountains that adorn many beautiful European gardens. It is said that Neptune himself relies on such critters to guard his watery domain.
Skull   JWH Studio Small Skull - $7.95
This little skull grins in the face of adversity, and contemplates the mystery of life.
2 1/2"

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