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Gargoyles 2

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Sentinel of the Nocturns©  JWH Studio Sentinel of the Nocturns - $24.95
Peering over his architectural ledge, the Sentinel protects creatures of the night, giving a guiding light to their nocturnal adventures. He either can sit on a shelf or hang on a wall, and also is a candleholder.Never leave lit candles unattended.
5 1/2" (interior plaster)
WACHTER VOGEL ©  JWH Studio Wachter Vogel - $24.95
The Guardian Raven was inspired by the classic gargoyles (gutter spouts) that adorn many cathedrals. This screaming avian clings to an "egg and dart" moulding, protecting it's nest and yours. Hangs on the wall with a recessed hanger.
8 1/2" (interior plaster)
Wasser Lowin ©  JWH Studio Wasser Lowin- $24.95
This fountain-like feline was styled after traditional gargoyles that served not only to spout rainwater away from a cathedral's foundation, but also to frighten evil-doers into a more virtuous and obeient life. Hangs on the wall with a recessed hanger.
8 1/2" (interior plaster)
Winged Warrior ©  JWH Studio Winged Warrior - $24.95
Inspired by both the Garuda of the Eastern religion and the classic gargoyles of traditional European architecture, this avian warrior will faithfully guard and support your personal treasures.
8 1/2" (interior plaster)

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